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Cooking Demos
Live cooking Demonstrations with Hawks Restaurant

Put on your Chef hat and get Cooking!
Chef Michael Fagnoni demonstrates how to make simple yet elegant food that is easy to make right in your own kitchen.

Head Down the Runway to Better Health
World Wide Wellness

Team up for a virtual voyage on GO KP. What if you could travel the world without packing your suitcase or boarding a plane? In Worldwide Wellness you can visit landmark destinations around the globe all while earning prizes through your desktop or mobile browser.

Virtual Fitness

Virtual Fitness classes are here! Choose from a variety streamed live through Microsoft Teams. Yoga, Ab Attack & more!

Mini Grants

There are different areas of wellness that lead to overall wellbeing and each department may have different needs. North Valley LWBW is now offering mini grants that allow you to choose and take ownership of your wellness program.

Wellness Tool Kit: Resources for Physicians & Employees

We know this is a stressful time for everyone, so we have pulled together some self care resources for you to make your body, mind, and household a little less crazy!

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Being One With Water

There is a sense of serenity and peace while thinking about water.  Viewing the waves of the ocean during a sunset brings happiness, and hearing the rain drops against the windowsill creates a relaxing environment.   I personally feel so much better when I’m at the beach.  All my worries and fears cease to exist when I see the deep blue water extend past the horizon.  

Healthy Back & Chest

Common problem areas from excessive computer usage are tight upper back and chest muscles.  We spend most of the day hunched forward, which causes our chest to cave in and our back muscles to become tight.  If left untreated, our posture can become compromised and we can develop chronic back, neck and shoulder issues. 

Fitness Classes

Total Body Weight Conditioning

Recorded Classes